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The Vital Role of Brand Guidelines: A Must-Have for Businesses

12 Oct 2023 | Digital Marketing

So, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating the ultimate message, logo, website, and all that jazz for your brand. You’ve had epic battles with a designer to nail that logo, teamed up with a wordsmith to cook up a killer tagline, and splurged on fancy business cards. But guess what? Without brand guidelines, it’s all gonna turn into a hot mess sooner or later.

What Are Brand Guidelines, Then?

Brand guidelines are your brand’s rulebook. They are tools that provide guidelines and standards for using your brand’s visual elements, such as the logo, colors, and fonts. It defines your company’s brand identity and is a reference for designers, writers, marketers, and anyone who communicates on behalf of the brand. Basically, a brand guide is your brand’s DNA. They also ensure a consistent and professional brand appearance across all platforms.

A complete brand style guide covers everything, including fonts, colors, tone of communication, and your company’s mission statement. This guide gives you clear instructions for consistently delivering the right messages in your marketing materials.

The outcome? Your messaging will feel cohesive and unified.


Why Are Brand Guidelines Important for My Business?

Brand guidelines serve as a crucial tool to maintain consistency in your brand, regardless of the size of your business. They are essential for your brand’s effectiveness. Without these guidelines, your brand’s message could unintentionally change if someone uses the logo incorrectly or doesn’t know when to use the wordmark instead of a graphic element.

Brand guidelines are important to ensure that everyone associated with your brand, including internal employees, partners, and affiliates, shares a clear understanding of your brand identity and how to correctly use your brand assets. These guides prove invaluable during onboarding, rebranding, or launching a new company. They simplify these processes by explaining how to convey your brand to current and potential customers within your target audience.

To narrow down the importance of brand guidelines, here are several reasons why you need them:

Consistency Appeals to Consumers

Consistency in branding is a powerful tool for boosting revenue in different industries. By following consistent branding rules in all your marketing materials, like blog posts, social media content, and Google ads, you could potentially see a revenue increase of up to 23%.

The key to this success is the repeated use of consistent brand elements, even something as simple as using the same brand colors. This repetition enhances brand recognition, making it easier for consumers to identify your brand. When all your brand elements align, you can expect positive results.

Check out this Instagram feed for example:


You can likely recognise the brand as Coca-Cola without checking the handle. This major soft drink brand has maintained the same visual elements, such as its cursive font, bottle icon, and iconic red color, for many years. This enduring consistency demonstrates the remarkable impact of staying true to your brand’s guidelines over time.

By consistently adhering to your brand’s guidelines over time, your audience will quickly and easily recognise your brand.

Your Team Will Become More Efficient

If you appreciate tools that streamline your work, you’ll certainly appreciate a brand style guide. Establishing brand identity guidelines provides a straightforward path for aligning your marketing strategies even before the creative process begins.

Once brainstorming commences, these brand standards can swiftly filter out less suitable ideas, allowing you to focus on the top choices without getting bogged down in subjective discussions with your team. This speeds up decision-making and keeps your team harmonious—it’s a win-win situation.

Your Brand Becomes More Defined And Recognisable.

Every company possesses a brand, but some have a more distinct and defined identity than others. When your brand lacks clarity, you risk being solely associated with your product or service, which may not leave the strongest impression.

Brand guidelines assist in consolidating all the components that constitute your identity, enabling you to establish an identity that extends beyond your offerings. This allows your customers to envision what your brand represents when they encounter your name.

Consider Nike as an example. A quick glance at its famous swoosh logo and inspiring tagline on Facebook, and you instantly recognise the business page.In our increasingly online-oriented lives, having a distinct visual identity is crucial. The importance of image search is growing, with people now discovering brands through visuals on search engines.

To enhance your image SEO, it’s essential to utilise high-quality, completely unique, and branded templates that people are eager to share. As your visuals gain more engagement and shares, particularly on platforms like Pinterest with rich keywords, your recognisable brand visuals will ascend in image search results, along with your website.

You’ll Distinguish Yourself From The Competition

In today’s digital age, we spend a significant amount of time online, and the plethora of content marketing can often become indistinguishable. However, by consistently presenting a clear brand identity, your audience is more likely to pay attention at some point.

A consistent brand voice is precisely what has propelled Wendy’s tweets to viral fame multiple times. Audience members anticipate the brand’s witty responses for almost any situation, making it stand out.

Whether you embrace a sassy brand persona or opt for a friendlier tone, adhering to your brand guidelines can enhance brand recognition and transform your brand into one that people are looking forward to hearing from.

Strong Branding Enhances Customer Loyalty

Loyalty isn’t solely based on a product or service; consider ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, which offer similar services, even sharing drivers, yet users often have a preference. Branding plays a significant role.

Consumers form emotional bonds with companies that align with their core values, and your brand guidelines enable you to convey those values uniquely to your audience. When you secure a loyal customer, they tend to spend 67% more than new customers.


If your brand is already established but lacks brand guidelines, we’re here to assist. It’s never too late to establish brand identity guidelines, and realising the need for them is the ideal moment to create them.

Keep in mind that without guidelines, maintaining brand consistency becomes exceedingly challenging. To develop and sustain a strong brand, having brand guidelines is essential. If you’re prepared to craft your brand identity guidelines, you’ll benefit from a strategic marketing team to define your brand’s elements and their optimal use.

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